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Decoding Behavior
The Intersection of Neuroscience
and Behavior

A Trusted Space: Decoding Behavior
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This urgent and impactful docu-training film for educators explores the intricate connection behavior has to developmental science, offering an essential lens through which educators can decode escalating behaviors and declining academic focus.

The educational and inspirational film confronts the escalating indicators of the mental health crisis among students—soaring rates of suicidal ideation, disruptive behavior, and emotional distress. But it doesn’t stop at just laying bare the grim statistics; it delves into the science behind them. Gain insights from leading experts who unravel the neurobiological mechanisms influencing behavior, demystifying the often misinterpreted actions of students.

Within the education ecosystem, where cognitive skills often overshadow emotional literacy, this film champions the imperative of a balanced education. It illuminates educators’ vital role in creating trusted spaces—sanctuaries where students are empowered to express, connect, and evolve. By recognizing and addressing the neurobiological underpinnings of behavior, educators can cultivate environments that foster academic excellence and promote mental well-being.

This is a must-watch for educators invested in creating a more empathetic and nuanced approach to student behavior and mental health. Please share this film within your educational community to help create meaningful conversations and pave the way for systemic change. Like its predecessors, this episode stands as a testament to the education ecosystem’s enduring commitment to fostering dialogues that can catalyze positive transformations.

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Featured in this Film: Dr. Raghu Kiran Appasani, MD Founder & CEO Gigi Crowder Executive Director of NAMI Contra Costa Kathryn Dusek Jim Fryhoff Ventura County Sheriff Josh Godinez, M.A. Ed Director of CASC Tom Hixon High School Teacher, Performing Arts Director & Band Director Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD Ashley Jaron Alexis Jordan Dianne Large Marcy Melvin, MA Maria Sandoval Nicole Vitto, MA Andrew Walanski Lori Woodley-Langendorff, MS Founder of All It Takes, School Counselor, Writer, Education Consultant ​Cathy Flores Alternative High School Principal and Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Students Aiden Christian Claire Johnny Kai Sam Tatiana

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