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Leadership Development Through Physical Education (LDTPE) is a supplemental curriculum meant to work with current elementary physical education programming adding critical social emotional learning (SEL) content. Through experiential activities, along with SEL language and skill content, educators will deliver a dynamic program that secures a transferable skill set and meets both physical education and social-emotional development goals as determined by districts’ Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals and California State physical education content standards for both activity and ‘psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies.’ LDTPE trainers and support staff work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and district personnel to ensure implementation materials and skills are in place for meaningful delivery to students.

Training and programming includes:

LDTPE language, Notice Choose Act® framework, opening and closing process for each class period, and an activity kit of materials for content facilitation. Training and materials meet the needs of individual school implementation criteria. 

Contact AIT today to implement LDTPE in your school. 

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Explore the curriculum

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