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Notice Choose Act® is a template for making powerful and purposeful decisions that guide us to create outcomes we feel proud of and take responsibility for. When outcomes are not what we hoped they would be, we still take responsibility, learn from them and move forward.

Being a powerful leader, in our own life and for others, starts after we NOTICE. Leaders notice that something needs to be done; they notice when someone needs help; they notice when people are left out or having a rough day, and finally they notice when things are not quite right or missing in their own life. Leaders also notice what is right in their circle and in their communities and work to keep good things moving forward. Leaders see opportunities to improve situations or create new ones for the benefit of self, others and the environment in which we coexist.

Leaders first NOTICE. Leaders then CHOOSE. They choose to stay passive, impartial, non-active OR they choose to do something about what they notice. They choose ‘on purpose’ rather than from automatic responses and past habits. To choose on purpose one must first notice what they are deciding about and pay attention to the information or situation presented. Active listening, strong communication and recognition of the outcome one desires is necessary for leaders to choose purposely. Learning to recognize the ‘little voice’ that runs through all our heads and deciding, again, on purpose if the little voice is being helpful or hindering, uplifting or down putting.

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Choosing means deciding what we desire outcomes to be rather than simply letting outcomes happen. Choosing on purpose is also being responsible for the outcomes that come from the choice. Leaders choose from a purpose-driven state to see the positive outcomes they desire.

Finally, leaders ACT on what they first noticed and what they then chose as desired outcomes. It is not enough to Notice and Choose, those are done in our heads, and they are about our thoughts and our intentions. Without Action, there are no real results even when we have the most positive desires and intentions. Leaders ACT in ways that support a positive result from what they have Noticed and Chosen. Sometimes right action is challenging and often why, without purposeful noticing and choosing, we may fall short of acting in bold and compassionate ways.

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