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AIT's Board
of Directors


Lori Woodley, MS

President / Founder AIT


Counselor, Trainer, Author


After 25 years as a school counselor, Lori loves that the work of All It Takes is sustainable and has both immediate and lasting positive impact.


Kevin McConnell, JD

Chairman of the Board

Solutions Consultant/Research Attorney

Lexis Nexis, Central Coast, CA


Kevin appreciates that All It Takes opens one’s perception to embrace possibility through flexibility, much like the adaptability of flowing water.


Don Kain


Los Angeles, CA


"I am amazed at the success AIT has in teaching simple, positive life skills to children and watching their engagement with others in a compassionate, understanding and caring way."


Karin Gornick

Social Impact Film Producer

San Francisco, CA


Paul Menes


Los Angeles, CA


Paul is in awe of the positive transformations he has seen All It Takes make in its young participants. The compassion and emotional maturity they learn are tools to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.


Tanner Woodley

Creative Director

All It Takes

Tanner appreciates that AIT gives every community the tools they need to address their own unique problems. Everyone has the ability to create their own paradise, and AIT gives people the tools, and more importantly, hope, that it's possible.


Wendy Compton

Treasurer of the Board


Volunteer in Accounting, Social Media AIT



ROC software, Red 21 and Realistic, Austin, TX


Wendy is grateful that All It Takes provides the scaffolding that give individuals the opportunity and tools to continue moving themselves up.


Cortney Montgomery

Secretary of the Board


Director of Clinical Nutrition 

Keck Medical Center of USC


Cortney is empowered by the fact that All It Takes chooses to live in a place of conscience compassion for others.


Mike Capobianco

Nonprofit Consultant

Orange County, CA


Mike appreciates that All It Takes focus on decreasing bullying mentality and increasing empathy and compassion, especially in the middle school years.


Dave Langendorff

Irrigation Consultant

Simi Valley, CA


Sarah Bernson

Marriage and Family Therapist and
Relationship Coach

Los Angeles, CA


"What I love about AIT is that it gives youth the tools to navigate their life with emotional intelligence with the ability to see choices and possibilities!"

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