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where students and
educators are in it together

Education is a shared experience. It is also a shared responsibility. 

The California Schools Summit (CSS) is where EVERYONE feels heard and valued, where shared experience meets in the middle. Where educators embrace their role as leaders while students embrace their value as learners. Where respect is earned and mutually offered, not because we HAVE to but because we WANT to. 

No matter your role in education, adult or student, you are a catalyst for the well-being of all, starting with yourself and extending far beyond. Join us at the CSS and experience firsthand how powerful you are in your school communities. 


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When we experientially discover the personal value of a particular SEL skill, we
have a much stronger incentive to put

it into practice outside of
the experience. 


When we engage in purposeful activities, reflection, and shared experiences, we witness, first hand, the impact being made and can choose if it is an impact we feel proud to be a part of.


When we identify with the power we truly have to influence results and the impact of these results on ourselves, others, and the environment, we are better able to direct our choices in directions that uplift.



When we understand our impact, embrace our uniquely individual gifts, while also learning from our areas for growth, we can purposely design and live a commitment to positive impact.

Education is a partnership between students and teachers.


But too often, teachers and students don't see eye-to-eye.

The current education paradigm is not effective for far too many students AND educators. Many students don’t feel related to, heard, understood, and believed in, while many educators feel ineffective, disrespected, de-valued, and misunderstood. The results are disconnection and exhaustion, distrust and disengagement, which impacts our social-emotional-mental wellness, both individual and collective. 

Whether you are a student or an educator, the CSS will leave you:

  • Uplifted - ignite joy and purpose

  • Balanced - Value each life equally

  • Restored - leave rejuvenated

  • Reassured - re-engage with your personal ‘why!’

  • Reenergized - return to school infused with enthusiasm and hope 

What Adults Will Experience

An opportunity for participants to develop and sharpen their relational skills and build positive and purposeful relationships with the youth in their lives. We will explore the 18/82℠ Rule and be intentional about the impact we want to have while becoming aware of the impact we actually have. 


Our motivation is that youth today struggle in ways we may not always understand. While wired the same as we were as youth, the life experience they are living is very different. Young lives have been impacted by the pandemic and social-technology in ways we are just starting to understand. This is not a one and done moment, there are long term consequences.  We have the opportunity to address increasing mental health crises and to create experiences utilizing the power of connection to heal, empower, and uplift school communities. 


The pandemic, along with significant societal and family shifts, have left many youth feeling more alone, anxious, and apathetic than ever before. Mental health diagnoses’ for youth 10-25 are skyrocketing while the ability to self regulate, move forward with confident purpose, and navigate challenges is declining at alarming rates.


Together we can make a difference!

What Adults Will Experience

Adults will leave with: 

  • Confidence and skills to master communication and connection with the youth they work with

  • The ability to create deeper connections with the youth they work with and how to maintain authority while deepening relationships and respect.

  •  An understanding of the power of inclusion, self-efficacy, accountability, safety, and attachment to community and how to develop these skills with their youth

  • Tools to bridge the communication gap between generations 

  • An understanding of leadership versus Influence and how it relates to youth.

  • Why the 18/82℠ Rule matters: The What, the Why, and the Urgency


Your Role Is Key to Their Ability to Navigate Their Lives and Support Their Communities


Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Para-Pros

  • Create atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally

  • Increase productive instruction time

  • Reduce your blood pressure with efficient, easy classroom management 

  • Improve playground behaviors, reduce how often students need you to intervene

  • Increase student accountability - ‘I earned,’ ‘I created,’ vs ‘you gave me,’ ‘because of her…’

  • Raise efficacy, esteem and potential with every student

  • Leave work each day feeling positive about your impact: social, emotional & academic

  • Make peace with ‘what is’ vs ‘what it should be’

  • Remember why you are an educator - 


Parents, Guardians

Volunteers Serving Leadership Roles in the School Community

  • Create atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally

  • Embrace your role, purpose, and power as a parent

  • Bring ease to chaotic moments and situations

  • Increase independent action & positive decision making

  • Natural consequences vs. punishment

  • Reduce how often you  ‘solve’ issues for them

  • Bring respect and balance to your family

  • Improve family communication

  • Bring balance to Technology’s allure

  • Enjoy your kids and the time you share 

  • Embrace YOU! Find the balance in parenting and personal care

  • Bring confidence and efficacy to your parenting role




Coaches, Club Leaders, Youth Advocators, Law Enforcement

  • Create atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally

  • Improve relationships, & add joy when working with youth

  • Build trust and respect while empowering independent problem solving & self-regulation

  • Reduce conflict, raise efficacy: Empower youth to own what they create

  • Maintain your authority while building bridges through empathy & compassion 

  • Interact confidently and with purpose; you are preparing them for their adult years

  • Elevate your youth’s potential: They are the answer, not you
    Reduce entitlement, increase self-efficacy




What Students Will Experience

This experiential youth leadership intensive is an opportunity for students to develop their power of influence and natural leadership skills. Designed for teens in grades 8-10, participants will complete the program ready to cultivate positive change for themselves and their school communities. Together students participate in activities that support a deep understanding of their impact on the world around them ~ and how the world impacts them. Through this experience students create a shift in their ability to relate to and influence those around them, building competence, confidence, and motivation to discover and live their purpose. Equipped with essential life skills, they will have gained tools to create the futures they desire.

What Students Will Experience

AIT Level 1 Leadership Certification 


Participants will demonstrate understanding and application of the following key traits:

  • Advanced communication skills in listening, speaking, and connecting even when disagreeing

  • An understanding and embrace of accountability in all areas of life

  • Advanced comprehension and use of the Notice Choose Act® framework 

  • Highly developed awareness, acceptance, and use of personal power to lead one’s own life and influence others in positive ways.

  • Exploration of personal gifts and areas for growth; identify, embrace, apply

Advanced ability to:

  • Recognize personal emotional state and be proactive in seeking support when needed

  • Understand and live with integrity, accountability, and responsibility 

  • Work cooperatively on teams and in groups by looking at our gifts and our areas for growth

  • Motivate and inspire others to take action

  • Mentor through collaboration, modeling, and kindness

  • Recognize and engage in the gifts adults have to offer - see value in inclusive communication


The Momentum

All participants in the CSS will have the opportunity to reconnect monthly in the California Schools Online Meeting. Everyone needs a boost, a reconnect, a reminder, once in a while. The CSS Virtual Experience will be an opportunity to come back together and celebrate wins, honor setbacks, and find creative ways to move forward positively. As in the CSS, youth and adults will have shared experience with their peers followed by an opportunity to join together - to share and learn from one another.

More on this will be shared during the program. 



8th-10th Grade

Students in grades 8-10: We would like you to invite youth who have powerful influence in their school communities. These students may not be influencing positively, however they have the ‘it’ factor that others gravitate to. Think of bringing the top influencers from a variety of ‘lunch tables.’ These students may not yet see their leadership strengths, but you identify them. Please do not invite all students from a leadership program or all students who ‘need’ extra support. A combination of personalities is critical to their success and their collective influence once back at school. 


Who Serve Youth in the Public Education System

Adults serving youth in the public school system: teachers, counselors, coaches, bus drivers, SEL leads, paras, etc. Parents who are site leaders are welcome if their own child is not attending the program. These adults are ready to jump in, to listen and learn, and to experience youth in a new way while being catalysts for youth to view adults differently too. 

Teams of up to 8 from a particular school, district, or county. Of the 8, think 2-3 adults with 5-6 students. Connect with us if you’d like to consider bringing a larger group. 



Camp Campbell

16275 Highway 9 Boulder Creek, Boulder Creek, 95006

Recently renovated YCMA Camp of the Silicon Valley is a state of the art camp facility offering unparalleled camp housing, meals, and facilities. It is a place where nature supports multi-modality learning while processes, activities, and reflection offer direct application of new skills and insights to real life settings.


  • Comfortable charter buses from the Northern Los Angeles County and from the Northern California area will be provided to assist with transportation to and from Camp Campbell. Each bus will provide seating on a first come, first served basis until seats are full. 

  • Buses will leave their respective locations on Friday, April 28th at approximately 10 am and will