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Build Your Own Trusted Spaces

This 2-day Building Trusted Spaces®, Training of Trainers (ToT), offers a transformative approach to engaging school communities at the county, district, school, or organization level to build relationships that heal so learning can happen naturally. 

Join educators and educator trainers for a transformative training program brought to you by All It Takes, the producers of A Trusted Space® film series. This experientially engaging Training of Trainers program will support education ecosystems in redirecting the social, emotional, and mental health challenges that are growing exponentially today. The training prepares educator trainers to facilitate training in their own networks by supporting those in direct service to students to embrace their role as builders of atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally.

Trusted Spaces are an MTSS Tier One School-Wide Support.

Elevate your impact for all students and staff.

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_This was a training like no other_ I’ve gained so many tools and skills that I know will_

Building Trust

The essence of social-emotional learning (SEL) thrives in trusting environments when it is embedded into all interactions with our youth and one another. Genuine SEL integration into interactions is essential, but it can be challenging to achieve.


Shifting paradigms, mindsets, and traditional classroom delivery styles often is met with resistance. The Building Trusted Spaces®: Training of Trainers positively influences over 95% of those participating, even most naysayers.


The Power of Trust

Research speaks loud and clear: trusted relationships are essential for social, emotional, and mental well-being. Our training turns this knowledge into real, actionable skills. Trusted relationships serve as the antidote to the stressors faced by youth and adults. They nurture resilience, efficacy, responsibility, compassion, empathy, and positive decision-making skills, while fostering fundamental identity development. Educators often need more training and experience to navigate these emotional times with their students. Our program fills this gap, helping educators do it effectively.

While good intentions are common, students' experiences can differ. Recognizing this disconnect can transform the dynamics in a classroom and the overall campus culture.

Combined Feedback From All Training of Trainers

"This training was timely, relevant, and valuable in my work with students, staff, and colleagues in my education community"

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Training Highlights

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The Science

  • Brain reaction to emotional stressors and trauma 


  • Stressors impact us as well as students


Start With

  • Personal well-being is a function of our capacity to support students

  • The 5 Adult SEL Muscles to elevate your life, in and out of work


Trusted Spaces

  • Build trust while maintaining authority

  • Atmospheres that create healing and learning naturally

  • Tangible activities that can be used immediately with both staff and students

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in service of youth or in the education ecosystem:

  • Educators

  • Administrators of all levels

  • Educational Trainers 

  • After school program leaders

  • SEL leads

  • Counselors

  • Psychologists

  • Sports, youth group leaders

  • Mental health workers

  • SRO teams

  • Parent Leadership Groups

  • Leaders in Classified Positions

  • New Teacher Support

  • Teacher/Department Leads

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Unlocking Your Community's Potential

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  • Stress and Trauma affect all of us, and wellness comes with understanding the science.

  • Invigorating each person’s “Why?”

  • Activate and embrace community well-being for both youth and adults.

  • Everyone can foster healing without being a mental health expert.

  • Trust is the Antidote when purposefully developed.

  • Rediscover the power of joy and fun.

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The Training Atmosphere

  • Engaging and fun - no time for boredom!

  • Building trust is modeled, not just spoken about

  • Interactive - learning is best when both the right
    and left side of the brain is engaged


  • Challenging - school is hard & we got you!

What Participants Can Count On


  • Professional as well as personal value

  • Research-based concepts and tools

  • Skills and insights that you can use immediately with those you serve

  • Materials and assets that make the training you do turn key and fun

  • Two days unlike any you’ve ever spent in Professional Development

  • Catered breakfast and lunch each day

  • Certificate of completion


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