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This FREE 2-day Building Trusted Spaces, Training of Trainers (ToT), series offers a transformative approach to engaging those in your county, district, school or other California public school or community environment. 


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Join educators and educator trainers from across California for a transformative training program brought to you by All It Takes, the producers of A Trusted Space, Redirecting Grief to Growth and the CalHOPE Schools Initiative. This no cost professional development program will support California’s education ecosystem in redirecting the social, emotional, and mental health challenges that are exponentially rising post pandemic. 


This experientially engaging ToT series prepares educator trainers to facilitate training in their own networks by supporting those in direct service to students to embrace their role as builders of atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally.

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Sacramento County Office of Education 10474 Mather Blvd,

Mather, CA




March 6, 2023

8:00am Registration

8:30am- 4:30pm Training


March 7, 2023

8:00am Registration

8:30am - 4:00pm Training

Both days include breakfast and lunch.

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It is time to engage, to interact, and to create trusted atmospheres in our educational system. Building Trusted Spaces ToT provides skills for you to guide your staff and peer group through this powerful experiential learning program.

This 2-day ToT series will offer a transformative approach to engaging those in your county, district, school or other California public school or community environment. 

Research results are unanimous; trusted relationships are the single most important asset humans need to support their social, emotional, and mental health. This powerful training takes what we know and translates it to what we do, in real time. 

As research cites, trusted relationships are one significant antidote to the stressors our youth and adults are experiencing.  These relationships are the catalyst for developing resilience, efficacy, responsibility, compassion, empathy, positive decision making skills, and fundamental identity development. Educators have rarely had the training and experience to navigate such emotional times with their students and are often expected to just do it, and do it well. 

Good intentions are real; staff often believe they provide an atmosphere of trust while what students experience is the opposite. Becoming aware of this disconnect can completely change the dynamic in a classroom and the culture on a campus. 

The essence of social-emotional learning, (SEL), develops naturally in atmospheres of trust. Trust is built most effectively when an SEL lens is genuinely embedded into all interactions with our youth and one another. As critical as we know this is, achieving it continues to be challenging.


Shifting paradigms, mindsets, and traditional classroom delivery styles often is met with resistance. The Building Trusted Spaces PD program positively influences over 95% of those participating, even most naysayers.

Recent Survey Results From 9 Schools

"Today’s training was valuable for me in my work with

students, staff, and colleagues in the district."

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Only 100 Spots Available!

Sign up now to secure a spot for you and your team!

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Training Highlights

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The Science

  • Brain reaction to emotional stressors and trauma 


  • Stressors impact us as well as students


Start With

  • Personal well being is a function of our capacity to support students

  • The 5 Adult SEL Muscles to elevate your life, in and out of work


Trusted Spaces

  • Build trust while maintaining authority

  • Atmospheres that create healing and learning naturally

  • Tangible activities that can be used immediately with both staff and students.

What Participants Can Count On

  • Professional as well as personal value

  • Research based concepts and tools

  • Skills and insights that can be used immediately with those you serve

  • Materials and assets that make the training you do turn key and fun

  • Two days unlike any you’ve ever spent in an education based PD

  • Catered breakfast and lunch each day

  • Certificate of completion

Who Should Attend?


Any public educator in service to youth through training and influence of others who serve youth. 

  • Educators

  • Educational Trainers 

  • SEL leads

  • SEL champions

  • Counselors

  • Psychologists

  • Mental health workers

  • Parent Leadership Groups

  • Leaders in Classified Positions

  • New Teacher Support

  • Teacher/Department Leads

You Can do This for Your School Community

  • We start with the science of stress and trauma and relate it to their journey in real time

  • We start with the adult and focus on their wellbeing

  • They will rediscover their ‘why.’ 

  • They will embrace their own well being as a function of their capacity to do the same for their students and staff

  • They will recognize their own SEL Muscle strengths and areas for growth. 

  • Viscerally understand what it takes to build trust 

  • Fundamentally understand the impact of trauma and other stressors on both adults and students

  • Accept the fact that one does not have to be a mental health worker to create atmospheres where healing and learning happen naturally

Deliver this training and you too will create these results!

The Training Atmosphere

  • Engaging and fun - no time for boredom!

  • Building trust is modeled, not just spoken about

  • Interactive - learning is best when both the right
    and left side of the brain is engaged

  • Challenging - school is hard & we got you!

Where to Stay

Participants are responsible for their own travel and overnight accommodations.*

Discounted hotel rates available at the 

Courtyard Marriott Sacramento Rancho Cordova

10683 White Rock Rd,

Rancho Cordova,

CA 95670


Tell them you’re with All It Takes!

Reserve by February 13, 2023


Deliver this training to those you serve

and you too will create these results:

“One of the best PD’s in 24 years in education”


“‘We don’t ask teachers to teach calculus without them learning high level math, we need to treat embedded SEL
the same.’ Our students need us to embed SEL traits into
our work with them, we need to teach HOW to do this.


“This was the best training I've had in YEARS!

I loved the whole staff being involved and

how engaging and useful this is.”


“I think I would like to take my new awareness

into next week and be more emotionally

available for my students. Excellent”


“Thank you, I lost my grandpa this week and

I was able to remember how important it is to

connect even when all I want to do is withdraw.”


“Such a great PD day thank you

for opening our eyes!”


“I believe this PD improved our

school’s sense of community.”

Interested in Attending? 
Spots are Limited! Fill out the form below
to begin registration.


Thank you! Check your email for next steps. 

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Made possible by CalHOPE Schools initiative and its ongoing free resources.

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