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Beyond Worksheets
Amplifying Student Voice

A Trusted Space: Beyond Worksheets
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Beyond Worksheets – Amplifying Student Voice

Step into the next episode of Meeting The Moment, made to spark conversations with your students. In this episode, we confront the unspoken struggles of young minds grappling with unprecedented challenges—ranging from pandemic-induced isolation to the constant fear of school violence. This candid dialogue-starter includes students, educators, and professionals shedding light on the solutions to social isolation and angst in these complex times.

 This short film unveils the immense value of emotional support networks and the power of collective student agency in affecting change. We underscore the need for trusted atmospheres within educational settings, spaces where students and teachers can bridge gaps, dissolve barriers, and connect on a human level. By doing so, we highlight ways the education system can evolve to serve the holistic needs of students, addressing not just academics but also their emotional and mental well-being.

Don’t miss this episode if you’re yearning for an education system that cares about its students as complex, evolving individuals. Spark the conversation by sharing this film with your students, and work together to manifest a more empathetic, responsive, and inclusive learning environment. This episode is part of our ongoing commitment to bring forth substantial conversations that can drive positive change.

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A TRUSTED SPACE Beyond Worksheets AMPLIFYING STUDENT VOICE By Building SEL Muscles Discussion Prompts & Recommended Delivery

Featured in this Film: Chris Fitzgerald Director of Curriculum & Instruction Dan Pratt Virtual Teacher, Golf Coach Lori Woodley-Langendorff, MS Founder of All It Takes, School Counselor, Writer, Education Consultant Marcy Melvin, MA Speaker, Mental Health and Education Consultant Dr. Pedro A. Noguera PhD Sociologist and Dean USC Rossier School of Education Students Aidan, Annie, Christian, Claire, Kai, Oscar, Sam, Savannah

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