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When Teachers Love Themselves

All It Takes caught up with Professor Whoa AKA Cortney Linsey at the 2023 California Schools Summit to find out how he and his community of educators are able to build genuine connections and healthy classroom communities in a society that so often leans towards apathy. What does it really take for children to believe in themselves? As Cortney illustrates, modeling of self-love by those who have the most influence on the younger generation is essential.


When Teachers Love Themselves

"If you're an educator standing in front of a bunch of kids who don't believe in themselves, the first thing I would say is to put the oxygen mask on first. Make sure you take care of yourself. Be your best selves so you can bring whatever you need to the table because they will see you. You will model love, respect, and your.

I have a friend, I'll say her name is Nadia. And she says that a lot of her kids have never seen a woman love themselves as a teacher. Like a teacher loved themselves and fully embraced her skin, her body, her image, her personality, and heart, all the things that she's walking in with. A lot of her scholars haven't seen that. So the simple fact that they have a teacher now that loves herself is going to change their lives forever.

So what I would say to you is just believe in yourself, love yourself, figure out how you can rejuvenate every day as much as possible. And then also, don't hold back on love. I would push you to affirm as much as possible. I'll push you to use your words. Words are powerful, more powerful than we could imagine, so speak. Everything. Every good thought that you think about your scholars, speak that over to them because they're hearing negativity often, whether it's vocal or verbal. There's so much negativity in the world, so speak as much love as you can.

This happens to me now, and I'm grateful for it. I thank God for it. I go to Wingstop, and I see one of my old students, and they're like, "Wings are on the house, Mr. Lindsey." And I'm grateful for that. It's just a beautiful day. You never know how much impact you have. So, you know, push on. I know it's not easy, but keep pushing."

-Courtney Linsey AKA Professor WHOA!


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