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Mental Health & The Holidays


Graham Wiseman

Founder of BeingWellCA

Shine Khalifa

K-8 Principal

Alejandra Valencia

Project Manager at Idea Engineering

The Holidays are here, and so is the season where mental health issues reach their peaks. Lori Woodley, CEO of All It Takes, is joined by Graham Wiseman, Founder of BeingWellCA, Alejandra Valencia, Project Manager at Idea Engineering, and Shine Khalifa, a K-8 Principal in the Westside Union School District, to discuss their efforts to elevate SEL in their respective roles and share practical tips on what is an isn't working in this very special long episode to close out 2022. See you again in January!

All It Takes invites you to join us for our latest conversation in the Building Trusted Spaces Educator Series - a free resource for all Public School Educators, Students, Parents, and Personnel - brought to you in partnership with the CalHOPE Schools Initiative.


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