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Good Medicine Time with Standing Rock

June 28, 2021

By Karen Coronado, Program Manager


All It Takes had the incredible opportunity to work with the Standing Rock community on a collaborative program called Good Medicine Time (GMT). GMT consisted of multiple weekly online sessions that discussed topics on resiliency, trust, trauma, balance, physical health, mental health, finding joy, and recovery.

Through Zoom, there were over 500 log on's over four months, between Sundays and Wednesdays, offering over 45,000 hours of connection. This program culminated with AIT traveling to Standing Rock to help facilitate the Good Medicine Time Youth Camp.

We were joined by 50 youth from the community plus 11 young adults who participated as mentors to the attendee's.

We spent 3 days and 2 nights together engaged in activities that centered around several themes we talked about in our online sessions.

This was an opportunity that we will never forget and we are eternally grateful to have to come togetherIN PERSON and connect with one another face to face without separation through device screens. Below are results that were shared with us by the students:

Thank you to the Standing Rock community for inviting us into your home. We are forever grateful for the opportunity and look forward to spreading the good medicine you shared with us.



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