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What We Do

All It Takes is a non-profit organization that equips youth and educators with essential emotional intelligence skills to successfully navigate their lives and support their communities.

Our work cultivates safer schools and communities through experiential social-emotional learning methodology. We teach young people at critical life stages to practice empathy, compassion, initiative, responsibility, and purpose in order to create sustainable, positive outcomes.

We see a world with people who have what it takes to be leaders both in their own lives and for others. Leaders who, through purposeful and compassionate action, make positive changes in their schools, communities and, ultimately, our world. We see a world where all people are empowered with the tools, confidence and awareness they need to inspire sustainable forward momentum that matters most to them.

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How We Do It

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Professional Development

All It Takes provides innovative SEL trainings that are engaging, informative, and unique. We emphasize educators discovering their personal why to ensure concepts advance to real time use. Our multi modality delivery suits all learning styles, eliminating been here done that boredom.

We offer fun, practical, relevant tools for immediate use in any school or group setting with both adults

and students.


Leadership Camps

AIT's transformative leadership training camps empower both youth and the adults who serve them, enhancing self-perception, empathy, and responsible influence. Graduates leave with greater self -efficacy and decision making skills and the ability to build joyful,  inclusive, and trustworthy atmospheres. Youth are inspired to use newly acquired tools within their distinct cultural contexts, igniting positive change aligned with their community values.

Experiential Programs

AIT's experiential curriculum such as Leadership Development Through Physical Education (LDTPE) and Building Trusted Spaces, are supplemental curriculum assets meant to work with current adopted programming in any setting. These programs offer greater ability to model  critical social emotional learning (SEL) content allowing a natural integration of vital Whole Child approach methods without interfering with classroom time or creating more for teachers.