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Building A Trusted Space
Educator Series

Hosted By
Lori Woodley-Langendorff
Founder and CEO of All It Takes

Lori Woodley

Part of the 

CalHOPE Schools


Lori Woodley, Founder & CEO of All It Takes, is joined by a diverse group of Educators, education experts, and mental health professionals to share advice and stories of success to support education professionals on our shared journey. Join us for tips, tricks, anecdotes, laughter, and maybe even an occasional tear or two as we share how to best implement Social Emotional Learning in our schools to create healthier, safer, more equitable and inclusive education communities that work for everyone.


Building Trusted Spaces is brought to you as part of the CalHOPE Schools Initiative for Student and Educator Support and Wellness. The podcast is always free, and educators can find more resources to support their students and their own well-being in addition to other free resources from CalHOPE Schools at and

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A Trusted Space for California Educators is part of the 
CalHOPE Schools Initiative. 
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