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Back To School!

Fostering Hope in our Schools and Beyond


Carol Green

President of the California State PTA

Michael Johnson

School Counselor

Annie Bauman

8th Grade Teacher

All It Takes invites you to join us for our first conversation in the Building Trusted Spaces Educator Series - a free resource for all California Public School Educators and Personnel, brought to you in partnership with the CalHOPE Schools Initiative. Lori Woodley, CEO of All It Takes, will be joined by Carol Green, President of the California State PTA, Michael Johnson, a School Counselor, and Annie Bauman, an eighth grade teacher at Christensen Middle School in Livermore. The discussion will center around Back to School, the excitement and the challenges for students and staff, and ways to foster HOPE in our schools and beyond. The Building Trusted Spaces Educator Series features education and mental health experts each month as part of the CalHOPE Schools Initiative for Student and Educator Support and Wellness. The podcast is always free and we look forward to seeing you every month.



Live, hello California and beyond. I'm Lori Woodley, CEO and founder of All It Takes.

I'm here with Annie Bauman, Carol Green, and Mike Johnson. I'm here with them from the trenches of education, meeting you in the trenches of education on our very first of the year monthly educator series webinar bringing to you into your homes, your classrooms, your after school programs, voices that you can relate to. Brought to you by Cal Hope Schools Initiative

and All It Takes.

We are going to come to you every fourth Tuesday, every fourth Tuesday of the month for this school year offering free support and services for the mental health of every California educator and every person in the public school education ecosystem. That means that we're here for parents, we're here for custodians, we're here for teachers, we're here for counselors, we're here for admin. We're here for the ecosystem who together and collectively we are serving the students of California. Bringing them the best opportunity for a solid year of education through really growth mindset and mental health that feels good and feels healthy for each person.

I'd like to introduce you to our panelists today with me. Annie Bauman is an eighth grade teacher up in I guess Northern California, but not way north, kind of central Northern California.

Mike Johnson coming to us from Eastern LA area out in Corona, correct? Out in Corona. And Carol Green joining us from Sacramento or wherever it is that you live, right? As the president of the California state PTA.

I'm going to let each of them tell you a little bit about themselves. But first we want to let you know that we're here to talk about back to school. Back to school this year is different than any other year. And I think prior to the pandemic we all thought the beginning of every school year

was new and exciting. And now it's new and it's exciting. And it's also revisiting something that we are experiencing that's new, right? Like different because our kids are in a different place. Our educators are in a different place. And Cal Hope Schools Initiative is bringing these free mental health resources because what we found and what you know in the trenches is that so many people have really been challenged with mental health issues.

Whether it's extreme or it's mild, either we ourselves or someone we care about and love has really been through something or continues to go through something. So we want to be here to help make that journey easier and much more rewarding on the other side. So Annie, tell us a little bit about you and why you joined us today.


All right. So this is my 18th year teaching. I've been primarily a middle school teacher for the last 18 years. Last year was a challenging year. So I'm here to talk about what that experience looks like. And just really excited to be a part of this.


Thank you for joining us, Annie. And oh, and this is your first day of school, right?


This is our first day in school. So we are one of the districts that started a little bit later.

And we're ready to go.


Happy first day.

Hey, Mike, how about you?


Hi, everyone. My name is Mike Johnson. This is my third year as a counselor. So my first year as a counselor, it was like trial by fire. It was straight into the pandemic. So all I've known in education has been the challenges like we face adapting to the challenges that COVID-19 brought. And this is my second week of school. We actually had back to school night yesterday. And it really opened my eyes and showed me how much I was missing from having these relationships with our parents and our families and our guardians just coming out and getting to see that aspect of the school system that I was missing through the pandemic.

And I'm here today just to share my experiences and I'm happy to be here.


Well, we're happy to have you, Mike. Thank you for joining us.

And Carol, the woman who serves millions of parents who are at home with their kids every day.


Happy to be here. I'm the president of the California State PTA. And it's the parents that are working with the schools and navigating the new normal as we try to support our children and our schools and our teachers and our counselors and need a lot of help. And we all need to work together. So I'm happy to be here.

We have schools starting in California as early as the middle of July and as late as after Labor Day. So back to school season is long in California. We're right there at the, right in the middle with Annie starting today.


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