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The Obligation of Courage

"There is no neutrality when the civil and human rights of our children are being violated."

Meet Dr. Vincent Pompei, an education equity consultant for LGBTQ+ Inclusion. With eyes wide open, a soul stirred to action, and a heart committed to justice, he articulates the undeniable duty to intervene when witnessing wrongs. Vinny's powerful approach serves as a call to all of us: to recognize our role in fostering change, not from a place of courage- but from the undeniable obligation of our shared humanity.


The Obligation of Courage

"It's interesting, the concept of courage, and sometimes people do accuse me of having courage. I don't view it that way. It's an obligation. I have eyes, I have a soul, I have a heart, and when I see something is not right, and it is my job to speak up, that's incredibly true for educators who choose to work in public education.

We're not forced into this career. It's a calling, if you know educators, you know what that means. It's a calling. We go into public education because we deeply care about children and youth, and we don't get to choose which students we serve or how they're gonna show up or what lived experiences they bring, but we're committed to loving on them and to guiding them and to inspiring them so that they can be their best self and fulfill all their dreams.

When you as an educator, me as an educator, or anyone for that matter, who deeply cares about children and youth, sees what is happening, with our country as it relates

to LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools, there is no option. You know, Desmond Tutu has this famous quote that I often remember, and his quote goes something like this.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

There is no neutrality when the civil and human rights of our children are being violated

and it's being violated, so much so that it's leaving leading to decades and decades of disproportionate rates of mental health challenges and suicide ideation, high rates of self harm and suicide, which was 100% preventable.

We as a society are causing that and we also can work to prevent it. So courage? I see it as an obligation."

-Vincent Pompei


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