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Parent Perspective: The Reality of Teaching

Julienne Ho, a parent, opens up about the often unvoiced hardships that educators endure. With deep empathy, she reflects on the reality that teachers might not feel free to express their struggles and the importance of creating a space where they can share their true experiences without judgment. Julienne also touches upon the shift in parenting norms, recognizing the value in being transparent with children about life's challenges.


Parent Perspective: The Reality of Teaching

"My heart is in pieces when I see the reality or imagine

the reality.

'Cause I think I still sense a lot of educators don't come right out with it.

I've had a rubbish day and you know, I'm not allowed to say so.

And even as parents, we don't normally,

or, we are only discovering personally that,

it's okay to tell your child, oh, it's been a tough day, hasn't it? Or,

you know, we all have challenges.

You're not alone and it's okay.

And the same thing for educators.

So for as long as they feel the pressure and the obligation to

uphold a certain veneer of, I've got this.

No, I haven't got this, but I'm gonna smile and grin and bear it,

and no one will know better until I get home.

There is a community, a fabric effect. It,

it still perpetuates,

it breaks my heart to think that the people we rely on so much in our educators

are most likely the most unsupported.

And yet there they are committing themselves to supporting children that,

that are not their own. Let's not forget that."

-Julienne Ho


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