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Young Minds, Big Hearts: The Freshman Effect

Ashley Jaron, a high school teacher, opens up about her extraordinary freshman class who are lighting the way towards a more thoughtful, engaged, and hopeful future. In an educational landscape marked by apathy and emotional exhaustion, these young minds stand as an inspiring testament to the power of kindness, curiosity, and community. Could they be the antidote to the disconnectedness many feel post-Covid? Watch to discover why Ashley believes that this new generation may just hold the key to a brighter tomorrow. Visit to learn more about fostering environments that can help students flourish.


Young Minds, Big Hearts: The Freshman Effect

"I have this group of freshmen right now who I would literally die for. They're truly the coolest group of 36 kids I have ever met in my whole life. I love them. And they are excited; they're very Insightful and some of them are very aware of like how the world is going, and they have these plans that they wanna change it and things like that. And some of them are just excited about TikTok, but they're just very sweet in a way that I'm not seeing with some of my older kids.

And so I'm kind of hopeful with this younger group that I think maybe we're too young during Covid to be affected the way my older kids have been, that I think it's like doing a good thing almost for them.

Like they came back to school and just became friends with each other because they were excited to be around people and they're just, they're so cute and they're just really, really sweet and thoughtful.

They heard me mention my birthday months ago and then threw me a party in class on my birthday. Like they just are very thoughtful kids and I feel like that just makes me, it makes my heart happy. 'cause I think they're gonna be, they're gonna keep being thoughtful kids and they're gonna grow up and hopefully spread that vibe around the planet. They're very smart and want to work hard and so there's just not the general apathy I think I'm noticing with my older students.

I'm not noticing with my younger students. And I'm hopeful that that's not just a freshman thing. And it's a thing that's gonna keep kind of rolling, uh, with our next group. I have freshmen again next year, so I guess we'll see if that's true."

-Ashley Jaron


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