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The Pandemic of Hopelessness

Join Alex Craighead, educational consultant and Co-Founder of Journeymen & One Village, as he discusses today's youth's emotional struggles and resilience. Understand why so many young people are losing hope and how dynamic defense mechanisms impact students and educators. Tune into Meeting The Moment to learn how anyone working with youth can help them find resilience.


The Pandemic of Hopelessness

"I recently heard that about 70% of our young people don't have hope for the future. And so when we work with young people and they don't feel hopeful, they are struggling to find reasons to engage, they're struggling to find reasons to try, they're struggling to find ways to move forward in a way that is optimistic, that has positive outlooks in their horizon.

I think it can be really hard to see the gifts of young people today because they have had to defend themselves with protective layers over years and years of hardship. Learning how to be resilient in the face of times of social media, in these times of polarization where there's so much of us versus them, you versus me. And so children today, young people today, teens, today, they have created these defensive mechanisms and they've started to build walls around their heart to protect themselves as a survival mechanism.

But over time, that can become hard for educators to really get a sense of who you truly are behind those defense mechanisms, behind those walls of defense that we've built around our heart so that we can feel safe.

-Alex Craighead


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