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Staying Curious: The Sleepy Student

Compassion is empathy in action!

All It Takes are simple acts of understanding and grace. Christina Fitzgerald is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a school district in California and an influential advocate for her teachers to embrace the human side of their jobs. Following up with students on their 'off' days is vital, because the behavior can never be truly addressed without addressing the root cause. Plus, by staying curious, you're modeling compassion and authenticity, which students are craving.

A brilliant education is only possible through brilliant human connection!


Staying Curious: The Sleepy Student

"I went into a classroom and the kids are all actively reading with their teacher and there was a little one that was crashed and I was so appreciative that the teacher didn't wake him up right then. It was just a moment. But she recognized that he needed a little sleep and (not) yelling at him, "Wake up, you're not paying attention. Go to the administrators office!," Like, something as simple as just giving him that moment, circling back around and checking on him, and then having the conversation afterwards. Like, Are you okay? I noticed you were really sleepy. Is there anything I can do to support you?

In this case it was a little one, but with a high school student. Do you need a copy of the notes? Did you eat breakfast this morning?

Maybe just ask them questions."

-Chris Fitzgerald


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