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Message From The Founder

June 28, 2021

By Lori Woodley, AIT Founder and CEO


As we emerge from the throws of the pandemic AIT is working to meet new opportunities with full forward excitement. One way we are doing this is by bringing back our flagship LEGACY SUMMIT program.

Legacy Summit was an expansion of the work I had done on specific campuses through 20+ years working as a public school counselor. It is the first program we did as All It Takes and, with the exception of the 2020-2021 school year we never missed a year.

Legacy is ALL ABOUT YOUTH and them finding their greatness, believing in themselves, believing in others, and finding the power that they have individually and collectively. It is about embracing strengths and learning from areas for growth. It is where growth happens, forgiveness is offered, responsibility is embraced, and FUN is abundant. Legacy is a leadership training program in a camp setting where humanity is seen because technology is put away...for 4 days!

Legacy doesn’t just TELL youth that they are great, it allows them to EXPERIENCE how great they are. It allows them to FEEL how special each person is, regardless of differences. It is where we embrace the fact that we are uniquely, and perfectly, imperfect. It is a space where trust grows and long term emotional intelligence skills are learned, but more importantly, are PUT INTO PRACTICE.

Through the years LEGACY has been the catalyst FOR EVERY next leap AIT has taken, including our production of, A Trusted Space, which has now served over 5M kids through those who serve them over the course of the pandemic.

We have been isolated for the majority of the last 15 months and we are SO EXCITED to gather once again. To create community, to explore the impact of the recent year, and to design our path forward. Together we are stronger and our future is BRIGHT!



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