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Fire of Inspiration: Youth's Role in the Village

Nicky Wilks, Educator, Consultant, and Co-Founder of Journeymen and One Village, has a message for youth on behalf of the older generations. He acknowledges the role youth play in our communities and encourages youth not to be discouraged by resistance. It's the youth's gift to the world to lead change culturally, and A Trusted Space is here to equip them with the tools they'll need to do so with power, passion, and compassion.


Fire of Inspiration: Youth's Role in the Village

"Youth bring a fire of inspiration to the village, to our communities. And when we listen to that, innovative, sometimes radical, sometimes incendiary or fiery desire to shake things up. We know that it's not coming from just a destructive place, but we know that it's actually your gift to the world to be able to point out what's not working.

We see you. Even if we don't know how to communicate that sometimes in many ways, you are leading change culturally that a lot of us older folks might not understand. We might resist, but that deep down a lot of us know is really necessary."

-Nicky Wilks


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