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Building Classroom Connections by Having Fun!

Lakeesha Holloway of North Parkway Middle School in Jackson, Tennessee shares how she builds connections with her students. Every one of us educators has a unique talent, interest, or perspective that we can connect with our students through. For Lakeesha, it's music and tight kicks, what is it for you?


Building Classroom Connections by Having Fun!

"How do I combine teaching and fun together? And this is just my philosophy. In order to teach them I gotta reach them. And so sometimes even just trying to reach them, it's just trying to connect with the type of music they, they, um, they listen to even my kicks. I try to make sure I have 'em, the update kicks and trends and different things like that so I can make sure I'm connecting with them.

And so once I connect them, I can teach 'em. And you know, every morning when they come in I'm like, Hey, what's the teeth? You know, I wanna know what's going on. And sometimes it's some good stuffs. It's, it's fun. And, um, I even bring in some things that are going on in, in their lives and to just try to make sure that I'm able to connect with, because with the fun, I mean, even some mornings, I forgot to mention this, you know, we're doing the bunny hop, we're doing the monkey dance. There's so many things I have, I'm, I call myself the DJ sometimes because I gotta connect with them and let them come in.

I have no idea what's going on at home. So when they come here, I need to make sure it's the safe space, a real, real good, safe space for them."

-Lakeesha Holloway


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