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Building A Trusted Space:

A Classroom-level Evaluation of the Docu-training and Curriculum

Key Takeaways:

  • Teachers who were exposed to ATS and those who were not previously held similar attitudes related to trauma informed care.

  • Teachers who WERE NOT exposed to ATS continue to have those similar attitudes.

  • Teachers WHO WERE EXPOSED to ATS had more SIGNIFICANT positive attitudes related to trauma informed care compared to those who DIDN’T watch ATS. These positive attitudes towards trauma informed care persisted months after watching ATS.

  • The data shows that the overwhelming majority believed the docu-training was relevant to them, their students, had a discussion after it, learned new info, planned to implement, and recommended it to others. 

  • Those who applied the curriculum at some capacity reported it being:

    • moderately(4) to extremely(7) easy to apply

    • very(5) to extremely(7) relevant to work.

    • very to extremely beneficial to creating relationships.

    • moderate(4) to very(6) beneficial  to creating a safe community

    • very to extremely beneficial to student engagement.


270 participants, fully virtual learning, grades from kindergarten to 8th, some doing multiple grade



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