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Terreno Común
El poder de la comunidad

A Trusted Space: Common Ground
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'Terreno Común' sirve como un recurso vital para educadores, padres y comunidades que buscan cerrar las brechas intensificadas por controversias recientes. Fomentar la unidad dentro de los ecosistemas educativos nunca ha sido tan difícil en medio de una división sobre cuestiones sociales críticas. A través de opiniones sinceras con educadores, padres y estudiantes, este episodio explora las tensas relaciones entre las escuelas y sus comunidades, particularmente a raíz de la pandemia y las brechas resultantes en las competencias académicas y sociales.

In the face of ongoing debates around curriculum inclusivity, particularly regarding LGBTQ+ inclusion and racial equity, “Common Ground” sheds light on the critical need for empathy, understanding, and collective problem-solving. The shared fatigue among parents, students, and educators is a critical issue for the education ecosystem—and the importance of modeling constructive dialogue and problem-solving for the younger generation has never been higher. 

This docu-training film emphasizes the power of community, the significance of grace and understanding in rebuilding and strengthening the bonds between schools and families, and the urgent need to create a supportive environment that caters to the social and emotional needs of students. This film is a tool to help you advocate for a collaborative approach and encouraging all stakeholders to listen, understand, and work together towards a common goal of nurturing a supportive, inclusive, and resilient educational communities.

Share “Common Ground: The Power of Community” within your community circles to inspire a movement towards unity, understanding, and collective action in addressing the challenges faced by our schools and students. Brought to you by All It Takes® and CalHOPE Schools, Common Ground serves as a stepping stone towards fostering a more cohesive and supportive educational environment for all. ​

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The Power Of Community

Destacado en este pelicula: Alan Arkatov Executive Director, ASU Learning Transformation Studios & Center EDGE Brandi Butler Mother Jessica Colvin District Wellness Counselor Gigi Crowder Executive Director, National Alliance for Mental Health, Contra Costa Justine Fischer CalHOPE Schools Community Director Magda Geronimo Mother Josh Godinez, M.A.Ed High School Assistant Principal, California Association of School Counselors Board Member Julienne Ho Mother, All It Takes Board Member Ashley Jaron High School Teacher Iris Latin Mother Marcy Melvin, MA Speaker, Mental Health & Education Consultant Pedro Noguera, PhD Sociologist & Dean, University of Southern California Rossier School of Education Dr. Vincent Pompei Education Equity Consultant on LGBTQ+ Inclusion Maria Sandoval Middle School Teacher Valerie Shapiro, PhD Associate Professor of Social Welfare & Public Health, UC Berkeley Nicole Vitto, MA K-8 School Counselor Lori Woodley-Langendorff, MS Founder of All It Takes, School Counselor, Speaker, Writer, & Education Consultant Students Christian Claire

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