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Hire Lori to Speak at your Next Event


Lori Woodley-Langendorff unites audiences in unexpected and transformational ways.

Drawing on decades of experience and direct work with thousands of youth and those who serve them, Lori’s wisdom, humor, and practical ‘boots on the ground’ storytelling and tools, inspires audiences and catalyzes them to action.


We are in a time like no other and Lori is here for the urgent call to reignite passion, generate hope, and catalyze action throughout the entire education ecosystem and beyond. 


Lori draws reactions like, “Lori, you are the buzz around AFT.”  (American Federation of Teachers).

Speaking on Building Trusted Spaces and the 5 Adult SEL Muscles, Lori offers tangible tools for personal wellness that are necessary before we can be in support of others. This is true in education, corporate board rooms, and household dinner tables. 


“Thank you for reminding me to be a better person.”


“I can heal kids days. Taking more time to listen to kids is necessary and rewarding. ”

“Understanding my own stressors and how they affect my ability to effectively communicate... ”

“ This was for our own sanity. Great strategies to not take things personally, reframe and communicate better!”

“There are physical reactions as well as emotional to trauma and grief and that we have to apply (ACT/DO) to make change happen.”

“ Incredibly engaging and informative! Every adult human should watch this session!”

“The importance of reflection, being intentional, and having an awareness of the energy I bring to work.”

Satisfied Clients

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