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Social Media's Impact on Bullying

Bullying has taken a dark turn, especially in middle schools. Kathryn Dusek, a middle school teacher in Southern California, talks about the role social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube play in shaping the behaviors and attitudes of young students. It's time to address the issue and find solutions for a safer, more trusted learning environment for our students.


Social Media's Impact on Bullying

"Bullying has always existed in middle schools forever, but the level of bullying has been so much crueler. And, um, I think a lot of that is because these students, their, their best friends were YouTube, TikTok, the social media that they were watching taught them that being mean to someone is funny.

Being cruel to someone make gives you friends and followers. If you have a disagreement with someone, the social media teaches. You either cut them out of your lives or go for some really petty revenge. And that's what we're seeing in our classrooms."

-Kathryn Dusek


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