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A Trusted Space
               Meeting the Moment
A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth  is a SEL docu-training film and curriculum that has been available to help support educators across California for the last two years. The project has been funded by CalHOPE to create a refresh of the film with expert and educator voices to  be released in schools Fall 2023. The new version of A Trusted Space Film: Meeting the Moment, will capture TODAY’s Moment, post pandemic yet still reeling from pandemic fall out. With this new film (or series) please tell us what would be most helpful to you for use in your role in education.
Have you seen the film, A Trusted Space, Redirecting Grief to Growth?
What formats for new resources are most helpful/accessible/convenient/realistic for you to use? (mark all that apply)
What are the biggest obstacles you face in your job right now? (mark all that apply)
How do you feel about Social Emotional Learning?

Thank you! Your feedback is much appreciated as we set out to create more resources for educators.

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