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Congratulations on your choice to attend the All It Takes Legacy Leadership Summit. All It Takes will provide a unique and powerful weekend that, with your full effort and open-mindedness, will create an opportunity for you to take on a powerful positive leadership role in your personal life, your school, your family and your community.

Some areas of growth and focus are:

  • Teamwork and support for one another

  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, learning to make the best of them

  • Seeing how personal challenges are shared by many

  • Being conscientious of how one’s choices and actions effect those around them

  • Recognizing how personal effort directly effects one’s future

  • Setting goals and making choices about the direction one takes in life

The activities at this youth leadership training are experiential in nature. Students participate in activities and workshops that engage them in physical and emotional challenges with the opportunity to process personal insights after each activity. At times, students find themselves processing their experiences with strong emotions that may include exuberant joy, silent thoughtfulness and tears. One activity has students silently relating school and family situations with one another, (any sharing of stories is completely optional). This activity brings students and staff, (counselors and administration who participate and support), together in a profoundly moving exercise that students consistently rank in the top three most meaningful events of the program. Students will be encouraged to fully participate in every activity although no student will be forced to participate or share in activities that are exceptionally uncomfortable for them.

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