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Professional Development Training


Based on the acclaimed film A Trusted Space




HIRE All It Takes for your staff, leadership, security, parent groups, campus supervisors... ANY and ALL who work with our kids NEED to understand how to support them as we emerge from the emotional challenges of the last year. 

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We do not need to be the healers, simply the catalysts for healing to happen. 

Key concepts:

  • Know the Science - our brain can hijack our regulatory processes and prevent us from learning and reacting thoughtfully in challenging situations.

  • Start with Ourselves - recognizing our stressors and our responses as a key to understanding and supporting theirs.

  • Build Trusted Spaces - atmospheres where healing and resiliency grow naturally so learning can happen.

  • The 5 Adult SEL Muscles - where joy and peace of mind exist even in challenging situations

Staff Development Training Will Ensure Larger Campus Understanding Of The All It Takes SEL Curriculum And Philosophy, Increasing The Ability For Students And Teachers To Relate To Each Other With Accountability, Resilience, Independent Problem Solving, Self-Efficacy, A Sense Of Community, And Acceptance Using The Notice, Choose, Act® Framework.


"I loved your presentation. The science of trauma is key to working with and teaching our students to self-regulate and you expanded on ways to go from "survival" to "learning"."

"Such valuable time.

Thanks - learned a lot!"

"Everything discussed was significant and had concrete ideas that will help to be successful at teaching and helping children. Great program!"

"Wonderful Training, Thank You!"

"Many great take aways."

"Thank you for this amazing presentation. I can definitely incorporate some of these activities in my classes."

"Very good cause,
I liked that we don't just sit."

"Thank You."

"This class gave me life lessons but mainly for the kidos because they matter."

"Great information
for the future."

"100% Very good experience to be here and listen and I can apply to my job with students. Very useful information."

"This should be shared in all public and private businesses, along with college educations."

"Excellent - mistakes are growth."

"Thank you for reminding us of how important our jobs are."

"This was a great development training course!
It was informative and inspiring. Thank you!"

"Amazing experience. Love the energy of the presenters."


What makes us different: 

  • Highly Engaging

  • Experiential

  • Tangible, common sense applications adaptable to YOUR individual style immediately

  • NOT a worksheet!


How do teachers, and parents, others who serve youth navigate the emotional fallout so many kids, (as well as adults), are coping with right now? How do we ensure learning can be embraced as we all deal with increasingly stressful world events? How do we mitigate long-term mental health concerns?

All the research points to relationships and trust being the bridge to healing and resiliency.

All It Takes professional development courses are the answer and the time is NOW to schedule.


A Trusted Space is foundational training for educators on how to help mitigate the effects of the grief, trauma, anxiety and other emotional stressors that so many students, families, and even they themselves, are feeling as they walk – or video conference – into school.

Launching from the internationally acclaimed film, A Trusted Space, Redirecting Grief to Growth, AIT’s training programs recognize the journey our educators have been through, concretely explain the science behind the emotional fallout and how to redirect it, and offers tangible, next day applications for building Trusted Spaces. 


Based on cutting edge educational and mental health research and adapted to be engaging, interactive, and thought provoking, educators explore ways to make their own Trusted Spaces so their students will actively engage in their own healing and learning experience. The tools our youth need today are far greater than they’ve needed in the past in order for them to overcome the challenges of the past year.


Educators, parents and other youth influencers need the tools to know how to build atmospheres in which healing can happen, for ALL kids.​

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Where We're Training

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